How testosterone influences our bodies

Testosterone is a very important hormone for men’s bodies development. Women also produce it, but in fewer amounts. The male body starts to produce it in a 7 week after conception. After birth it increases and peaks at the age of 30 and then it increases every year.

Mostly men bodies produce more testosterone than it’s necessary, but sometimes a body has less. It causes hypogonadism. It can be corrected by getting special hormone medicine prescribed by doctor. It is really important to maintain its level because testosterone influence all the aspects of man’s life such as working of reproductive system, sex desire, muscles, density of bones and even behaviour.

Testosterone production starts in our brains. The hypothalamus decides what amount of the hormone our body needs and send a signal to the testicles, which produce it. There are also other organs, which produce testosterone called adrenal glands. Testosterone takes part in boy’s genitals form even before his birth. When a man in his puberty period it helps to create his muscles, change the voice, trigger hair growth. After the age of 30 it starts to decrease by about 1 per cent each year.

As a man is growing testosterone plays a role in his development. For example, it triggers hair growth, muscle building and provides density of bones.

Natural supplements to increase testosterone

Low testosterone treatment

Men who have a lower testosterone level can have problems with erectile dysfunction. It is really important to visit a doctor if you have that problem because it is the only way to observe your body and to get good treatment. It is also important to remember that in some cases it is forbidden to get hormone therapy, for instance, if you have such problems as prostate or breast cancer.

Men who have a low level of testosterone in their bodies can lose sexual drive. Moreover, testosterone level usually decreases during a long time of sexual inactivity, which leads to erectile dysfunction.

How testosterone influences men’s behaviour

Testosterone level and men’s behaviour are connected with each other. Aggression and dominance are the results of a high level of testosterone. The hormone triggers a desire to compete and increase men’s self-esteem. Are they connected? Taking part in competitive games also influences testosterone level. And the opposite, low level of the hormone causes depression and lack of motivation. Of course, it is not the only factor, which builds the personality, there are plenty other of them.

To summarize, testosterone is a very important hormone for men, which influences a lot of aspects in body development, such as:

  • sexuality;
  • behavioural habits;
  • health.

Testosterone circulates around a body with blood. To know the level of testosterone is possible by its measuring. It requires a blood test.

If you notice some changes in your general condition and symptoms of a low level of testosterone, you should visit your doctor immediately to avoid other problems.