Sex Dreams and What Do They Mean

Having dreams with sex scenes where you are involved is quite normal; every sexually active individual goes through this kind of experience on a regular basis. So dreaming every now and then about having sex with someone who is not your actual partner should not make you embarrassed.

Trying to explain dreams is an activity that engages many people, mostly women. Sometimes, the imaginary scenes are caused by our real-life concerns and experiences. Often, however, we fail to find any clear relation, which means that what we dream about is mere fiction, just a twist of our imagination.

How Sex Dreams Can Be Explained

One major problem with explaining our dreams, not only sex ones, is that we tend to fail to remember any details. If not mentally reconstructed right after awakening, a dream can be lost for good. That said, if you really want to break down a night scene, don’t procrastinate with your analysis.

When trying to find out what your dream might have behind it, it is helpful to step back from details and try to perceive a general concept instead. Taking dreams literally is of no use. Some symbolic images are what you should look for. Divide the imaginary sex activity into several characteristic stages – the beginning, the action itself and the final – and think about them separately, paying more attention to your feelings and experiences rather than to specific characters involved and actions.

What Those Dreams May Imply

You should know that the same scenes may have different meaning for different people, which makes explaining dreams a highly individual activity. Nevertheless, there are certain universal concepts, and knowing them is helpful. Here are some typical situations people dream about from the site :

  • A familiar or strange partner. Actually, it does not matter too much whether you are dreaming about having sex with a familiar person or a stranger. So don’t focus on recalling the identity. The main possible implication is that your current sex life does not meet your libido. Discuss the issue with your partner.
  • Having sex with your former partner. In this case, you should consider how often you have this kind of dreams. Maybe there are still some unresolved relations between you. or you regret the break subconsciously. If the scene appears only occasionally, it can just be caused by your new relations that you have not got fully used to yet. Anyways, the haunting scene will probably stop bothering you in a while, as time is the best remedy in such situations.
  • BDSM scenes. First of all, it should be noticed that it’s quite OK to have any kind of sex in your dreams, even marginal one. In case of BDSM, the meaning may involve a hidden desire to be dominated by your current partner and cede them a leading role, not just in sex. People who prefer taking everything under their own control are prone to seeing this type of dreams too. Ask your partner to consider adding the master-slave aspect to your intimacy to blow off steam.
  • Oral sex. These scenes are typically reported by women. A possible implication is the hidden desire to have oral sex despite you usually avoid it and believe it something disgusting in the real life. The problem is quite easy to resolve: stop limiting yourself and start doing what you long for subconsciously.
  • Having sex with a teacher or a student. This type of dream often has its roots in a person’s family and lack of attention from their father’s part, as a father is the symbol of authority. You have nothing to worry about if such scenes appear only occasionally. If haunting, they are a good reason to visit a psychologist.

Most of the time, scenes showing in our sex dreams are caused by our recent emotions and experiences. Only images that appear on a regular basis and don’t pass with time should undergo an in-depth analysis. Anyways, this kind of analysis has a very individual nature and hardly can be relied upon if you are not a professional.